helm laugh

I'm Hikaru Sulu

and I don't have lungworm

helm laugh
Been noticing weird things going on with the data that's really provoking my ire.
Access to helm files is flaky—makes my blood boil.
Suspicious activity has been discussed by the senior staff—should probably touch base with them.
Even the new crew members seem upset, but maybe that's because of their 16 x 4 quarters.


[Message to Head of Security]
serious - determined
Lt. Freeman,

Miss DiFalco and I just discovered unauthorized access to the helm system which seems to be related to the recent data issues (and possibly the missing phasers). The access point has been traced to the observation room on Deck P, and the intruder is still in the system. We're on our way down there now from the bridge to check it out, and we'd appreciate the company of some security personnel, in case the situation is more serious than computer hacking.


I have mixed feelings about my shore leave on Risa. I visited the bioluminescent gardens, which were splendid, and I got to meet a very pleasant historian/painter (didn't know the ship had one of those, but I guess there's a place for the liberal arts in Starfleet...?). But then there was that bit involving Chekov and some cheating at cards and—well, it's best left undocumented. Suffice it to say, none of us had to be dragged to medical, and next time bearded!Chekov tries to convince me to go along with another harebrained idea, I won't be so easily mesmerized by his mathematical prowess.

In other news, the ship looks good after the refit, but I wasn't in my room 5 hours before I noticed something that looked like spaghetti spilling out of one of the air ducts... Did tubes get switched somewhere? Did I cross someone? I guess the weirdness from shore leave is carrying over.

[Locked to Lt. McGivers]
Miss McGivers, did you ever get a chance to paint the gardens? Also, I want to apologize again for that crazy gambling adventure. I wouldn't blame you if this causes you to never risk hanging out with me and Chekov ever again, but I hope it doesn't. We're really not that hazardous to be around, for the most part...

[Locked to Mars]
Welcome back to the ship! I've got some specs on the new equipment, so we should meet up soon to check out everything and catch up on what's been going on. You've been gone quite a while!

I don't think I've ever been happier about a shore leave in my life. The past month has been unbelievable, and I needed a break from the ship. I'll probably stay on the space station so I can take care of the lab during the refit, but I'm thinking about going down to Risa for a bit. Ever since I read about the underground bioluminescent gardens, I've been dying to check them out. If anyone would like to join me, I'd love the company. I gawk at plants by myself all the time, so what's the point of a vacation if I don't shake my routine up a bit, right?

[Personal Log]
A philosopher long ago said, "There was Stalingrad and there was Buchenwald, and neither of the two wipes out the other." I've seen triumphs of courage and feats of treachery played out on my own ship, and I don't know what to make of it all. Perhaps I never will; maybe that's the point. The same paradoxes seem to find us even hundreds of lightyears away...
[/Personal Log]

Spring Cleaning
I've finally finished cleaning up the botany lab. Now that the pollen's effects on me have subsided, I can't even believe what I did to my lab. I am mortified. It's like a flower massacre happened—at my hands! Recent events are still a bit blurry in my mind, but since people have been leaving piles of flower crowns outside of my door, I haven't been able to forget the social and botanical atrocities I committed. Turns out that, during my mania, I also severely overfed Ford and Arthur, my tribbles. Fortunately, the Thumos pollen apparently affected them as well, and there were no progeny waiting for me when I came back to reality. Perhaps one good thing came of all this. Tribble birth control. Not exactly a technical paper I want my name on, but so it goes. Mom & Dad will be so proud.

Shipwide Announcement
oh noes
As many of you have noticed, there have been some strange behavioral issues among the crew lately. I suspect it may be caused by the pollen of a plant specimen in my lab—the thumos plant from Panas X—that recently began blooming. I have quarantined the plant, and the remaining pollen is currently being filtered out of the air. I have sent samples to medical for testing, but it appears that the pollen in our bodies is harmless and will degrade in a short time. And if you begin sneezing green mucus, do not be alarmed. Mr. Spock, I have also left some samples in your lab (samples of pollen, not of green mucus. Though, if you're interested, I think Chekov has some...)

I am very sorry for not nipping this in the bud taking care of this problem sooner. I would like to thank Mr. Chekov and everyone else who worked so hard to get to the bottom of this mystery. I would also like to apologize for my recent erratic behavior and to that officer at the party for our unfortunate encounter.

If anyone has questions, feel free to ask. I'll be in my lab if anyone needs me.

That is all.

[Private Log]
I've been feeling FREAKING AWESOME really great lately, and for the life of me, I can't figure out why. Honestly, I don't really care why. I've never felt so excited about, well, EVERYTHING! No inhibition, no awkward self-consciousness. If something is wrong with me, maybe I don't want to fix it. Maybe that's irrational, but maybe I like feeling this way. However, I've noticed other people have been acting weird, too. Just today, Spock was smiling (and not in a snarky way), Charlene was scowling (and not in a playful way), and Rob was swinging shirtless from a stripper pole (one of the few things I was not excited about). And speaking of things I'm not excited about, I sneezed bright green snot. I can't imagine why I wouldn't be excited about that (lime green being one of my favorite colors), but I wasn't. Probably just pollen from spending all that time in the lab making flower crowns—which I am VERY excited about!! Ahh, SPRING!

Springtime for Sulu
big smile
I always enjoyed springtime on Earth. Seems like everything comes back to life. Plants, animals, people—everything changes when Nature flips the switch. In space, it's a little different. It really only happens in the botany lab, which simulates seasonal cycles for the plants, and Nature (AKA Mr. Sulu) actually does flip a switch. I have to stagger the cycles so the pollen doesn't become unbearable, so there's usually always something blooming. Well, this morning I was more excited than usual to see the first blooms starting to open on the thumos plants we picked up on Panas-X a while back! They look like they're going to be beautiful—and SOOO colorful! I can barely wait to see them in full bloom—I'm just ecstatic! I think I'll go for a run to burn off this extra energy. Ah, spring!!!

A Tribble Trap
After Miss Chapel's sighting of a strange furry creature in her quarters, I just had to find out if that was what I'd seen during my less-than-successful hunt. So, desperate for validation, I opened the wall access panel and laid a trap to lure one of the creatures into my quarters. It was just a primitive box-and-stick trap, and I provided some crackers for bait, hoping that the creatures were snackitarians like Mr. Chekov. I watched the trap from my bed. At some point I must have fallen asleep because I had a horrible dream that the creatures overran my lab and ate everything, even the begonias. When I woke up in a cold sweat, I saw that I'd caught something! Actually, it was two "somethings," the first having had enough food and time (thanks to my nap) to multiply. If I'd known there were thousands breeding throughout the ship, I would have been far less excited.

Now I have two purring tribbles sitting in a cage in my lab. Their incessant purring nearly drove me insane when I had them in my quarters, but now the reoccurring nightmares of unspeakable devastation in my lab are keeping me up at night. So much for validation. So if any of you are wandering around the ship at night and stumble across me staring vacantly into space, feel free to interrupt my reverie. Or join me in fantasizing about flinging tribbles into inky black space by the handful. Miss DiFalco, if you need any more gamma shifts covered, I'd very much like a reason to be productive through this insomnia.

Well, That Was Awkward
Mr. Chekov, Mr. Singh, and I finally carried out the mission into the walls to see what was making all that noise. Suffice it to say, it was Keenser. I don't think he was too happy to see us in there. Though I don't think we gave him much reason to be happy about us being there. For those of you with quarters on this deck, if you heard any yelling or thudding or Russian cries for help coming from the walls, that was us. Sorry.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm going to work more fencing into my schedule. I think all this time I've been spending with the plants has made me a bit soft.

[Locked to Sulu]
No one believes me. I don't even believe myself. But I know I saw something in there. And fuzzy socks, Chekov? For real, man? This ain't Delta Vega. He must have some really cold feet.


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