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I'm Hikaru Sulu

and I don't have lungworm

17 November
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I'm the chief helmsman on the Starship Enterprise. Sometimes I get to fire the phasers, which is fun. If I'm not at the helm, you can probably find me in the botany lab tending to my plants or in the gym trying to find someone to fence with me.

Character Profile

PERSONALITY: Despite being very talented and highly educated, Hikaru Sulu possesses a humble and friendly demeanor that allows him to get along with just about everyone he meets. He's quiet and thoughtful, spending most of his free time exercising or managing the botany lab. Though he often keeps to himself, his easy-going manner has attracted many friends among the crew who can occasionally tempt him out of his quarters or the lab. He takes his job as helmsman very seriously, displaying an unwavering professionalism and determination in the face of challenges. As accomplished and well-liked as he is, however, he struggles with insecurities that have plagued him since he was a child. He manages to win against them most days, but not without great effort.

Background: Hikaru Sulu grew up in San Francisco, the son of renowned scientists. He followed in his parents' footsteps and procured graduate degrees in astrophysics and botany. Though his parents had wanted him to join academia and become a researcher, the allure of the space frontier was too strong, and he joined Starfleet. He has held positions in the physics and botany divisions in addition to his assignment as helmsman on the USS Enterprise. He is skilled in martial arts, fencing, and playing the violin. When he has time, he dabbles in arts and crafts, such as scrapbooking.

black holes, botany, driving spaceships, fencing, hybridizing plants, physics, scrapbooking, time travel